The New STORM Paddle

After a year of testing, modeling, tweaking and lots of late hours in our plant Lendal is proud to announce it’s latest paddle - The STORM

The STORM is a high performance dihedral foil back paddle designed for every type of paddler; super light (640 grams),controllable in all conditions, predictable through the entire paddle stroke inspiring the paddler in whatever conditions they face.

The design team at Lendal was challenged to design and produce a high performance paddle that would be the perfect paddle for the beginner to the expert.  After a year of iterations the STORM is the marriage of the XRANGE  foil paddle Kinetik shape as the Kinetik shape has been a favorite for years, with a new dihedral face. It's ease of power delivery and control makes this paddle a 'must have' for anyone serious about performance in all manners of conditions.

“Peace of mind comes with the new STORM blade from Lendal” was a quote from one paddler as he navigated through the world famous Corryvreckan whirlpool and all it's drama during a multi-week trip off the west coast of Scotland. The STORM: setting the bar from which all other high performance paddles will now be judged.