“The only cure to all this madness; is to dream, far and wide, if possibility doesn't knock, create a damn door. If the shoe doesn't fit, don't make it. If the journey you're traveling seems too far fetched and wild beyond your imagination; continue on it, great things come to the risk takers. And last but not least, live today; right now, you'll thank your future self for it later.”

-Nikki Rowe

Svalbard Lendal kayak paddle sponsored expedition Jaime Sharp

About Us

We have all filled out forms with boxes forcing us to categorize who we are. Here at Lendal we draw our own box, and label it “Other.” We are engineers, scientists, and athletes with backgrounds as diverse as the places we have paddled. We unite around our shared commitment and passion for adventure.

We balk at the word “no,” and cringe at the phrase “can’t be done.” We live to surf massive rapids, paddle over monstrous rollers, and take in another beautiful sunrise from the vantage point of our cockpit. When we aren’t in our kayaks you can find us ripping down singletrack on two wheels, finding God in two feet of fresh powder, or running an alpine ridgeline. Different is in our DNA.

Most importantly, we are never done improving our products, and that’s why we design and build the best paddles.

Ambassador Allie Carroll using the Cadence X paddle during a kayaking expedition
Lendal carbon CadenceX kayak paddle Allie Carroll


Ambassador Genna Dauphine Lendal Candence X kayak paddle Shubie, Nova Scotia