GreenShield face mask - head/neck loops - great for winter sports

  • Treated with patented GreenShield® fabric finish, so that nothing sticks to it; oil and water droplets will roll off.
  • GreenShield face masks don’t freeze, since water rolls off rather than penetrating – great for the ski lift and outdoor winter sports.
  • 100% manufactured in the US, from fabric weaving, dying, finishing to sewing
  • Stays clean for longer than other cloth masks, as dirt and sweat are repelled from the fabric
  • Lightweight, breathable polyester/cotton
  • Triple layer for optimal filtration – removable MERV 16 filter in the pocket
  • Particle-based finish maintains fabric breathability and feel
  • Wire for outstanding fit and reduced fogging of glasses
  • Comfortable lycra ties – head ties allows you to keep the mask around your neck when not needed.

Price: $12